Who dat be?

So I’ve discovered that I suddenly have real difficulty answering the question “so what is it that you do?”

“I’m a community volunteer.” Totally leaves God out of the equation.

“I’m an artist.” Not really. Not anymore.

“I’m a Christian youth worker.” Gack. While this is probably the most accurate, it’s also the one that I’d be most likely to write off if I met someone else who claimed to do this.

Even better is the question, “so why are you in England?”

“God sent me here.” True, I suppose, but also a bit egocentrically grandiose, and once again, if I met someone else who said that sort of thing, I’d run away screaming and holding my nose. Gack again.

“It seemed like a good place.” Since this is usually accompanied by torrential rains and the massive migration of diarrheaic pigeons,  no-one takes it seriously. Or if they do, they also seriously doubt my sanity.

“I don’t know.” Seems like we have a winner. But now I sound like some life-drifting opportunistic idiot. Not that I don’t *always* sound like that, but still…

Anyway, this is my official new blog.  I’ve decided that I will share my individual perspective on the world by behaving like everybody else does and typing about it on the internet. Go me.  I’ve already been doing so over on myspace, but is it just me or is myspace getting progressively creepier? I can’t remember the first time I got a friend request from someone I *know*.

Actually, wait, yes I can. Liz and Carmen, you two officially rock.

Speaking of rocking, K’Naan doesn’t exactly rock, but he does *rock* my world. My own poor usage of the English language notwithstanding, you should really check out the politically minded Somalian rapper in this video with my favorite emcee, Mos Def. 

It’s called “My God”. Check it out, y’all.


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