Do the hustle! *flute solo*

So how massively annoying is this? I’d been under the impression that my blog had been updating when I hit the “publish” button. That’s not the case…and so instead of steady updates, I have one post from ages ago, and no sign of anything else I’ve written.

So here I am now, gulping down a half a bowl of cornmeal porridge with dates and coconut milk(yum!) and trying to write something coherent on the subject of what’s going on lately.

This morning I get to be an honorary man for an interfaith dialogue taking place between Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians in the neighborhood. I think I’m only going because nobody who knows what they’re talking about can go, but not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’m heading there in a few minutes.

A bishop is visiting my church today, and there will be a special service tonight because of that. So after the interfaith etc., I’ll be cleaning the kitchen and whatnot in preparation.

Then there’s the barbecue. And the service. Several of our young people are in the worship band tonight, and I’m looking forward to seeing that. The girl’s cell group that has just started has been cancelled tonight because all the girls wanted to go to the service.

And last night while doing detached work(which I’ll have to explain at some point…preferably when I understand it myself)  I met a girl whose aunt lives in Denver and we had a good chat about mountains and barbecue.

~sigh~ Seriously, my life is more interesting than that. So is everyone else’s. But somehow it’s hella difficult to explain. I’m in this interesting space where I’m actually really busy, but not in any immediately quantifiable way. I don’t feel busy, but when I look back, I’m actually doing a lot of things and meeting a lot of people.

*topic jump*

I’ve become addicted to the thousands of do-it-yourself gospel and blues videos up on youtube. Some of them are really interesting. Some of them are teeth-grindingly horrible. Very few of them are good.

Here’s one that I really want to like but still confuses my quality sensors…

I can’t put my finger on why this makes me cringe so hard, really. This girl is extra sweet and endearing, very vulnerable and emotional, and she’s not a bad singer, just way into her performance and out of control. There’s just something off-putting about the whole thing. Watching someone you don’t know go through an intense moment of catharsis is always a little uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s the filming – blues done Blair Witch style?

Maybe it’s just the cardinal sin of gospel and blues music poking its little red head up again; it’s so based on emotional responses and how hard it tugs on your heartstrings that it doesn’t actually have to be *good*, just *powerful*. I would argue that this particular video isn’t powerful in the way it may have been meant to be,  but it’s obvious that the singer is putting her heart and soul into this thing, so *shrugs*, who am I to judge? It just doesn’t touch me, is all. 

I don’t type to try and slate this girl at all, but I’m curious to see what other people think about this…am I alone in my mixed reaction?  


2 responses

  1. Flying Mermaid | Reply

    I’s glad it’s morning, or it might actually give me nightmares! That shit is spooky!

  2. uhhh… glad it’s morning too. Spooky isn’t the word. I haven’t found the right word yet, but when I do I’ll get back to you.

    The Blair Witch thing doesn’t work either. Girl needs to get a tripod.

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