Can you handle me the way I’m are?


So many things to type about, so little time. (And even fewer brain cells.) There’s your life, my life, the news, the world, the beautiful weather and all of the things that are right, wrong and otherwise with all of those things. Too much for me to handle, y’all. I think today I’m going to indulge in my favorite form of escapism and share some music.


There may be some hope for Joss Stone–I’m kinda diggin’ Flowerchild, which actually has some semi-soulful lyrics to go with the music and the voice.

I’m also playing Sara Bareilles Love Song way too much these days. Don’t know why, but her seventies, Carole King throwback style has managed to hook itself to my eardrums and drag me to the most embarassing place possible to sing a random song snippet out loud at. (Meaning; T.K. Maxx in town. *shakes head at self*) I was a good little consumer and actually bought this one from iTunes a couple of months ago. This means that I can’t share it, because everything bought from iTunes is locked up tight and virtually unshareable. (Say it with me now; why bother, then?  Because someday when I get some poems recorded, I don’t want folks jacking my hard-earned swagger as easily as I do now. I’m trying to put good vibes out now for then. It’s not working. Oh well.)

Let’s see, what else? I’ve been getting my cry on with Robin Thicke,  my cool on withJill Scott, my dance on with Unklejam, and my even more embarrassing sing-a-long moment on with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs(yes, I know Gold Lion i old and they have a new EP out…but I still rock hard to Show Your Bones, and Is Is has had no effect on me as of yet…) And I know I’m late, but Rh Factor, Roisin Murphy  (whose music video makes me want to curl into a fetal position and suck my thumb…it’s heinously weird) and 4Hero are all also getting major play on my iPod this summer…perfect music to sit in the park with a book and the sunshine with…ESPECIALLY 4Hero.

This all brings me to what I like to think of as my number one summer jam this year…don’t nobody laugh, but I think Timbaland’s The Way I Are is hot. to. death. I mean c’mon! It uses the melody from Push It, by Salt N Pepa! How hype is that, to sample Push It? The only thing better would be if they also threw in a little bit of the bassline from RU Ready at strategic points. (Oh, I might have to try that now…wait, no, thinking about that it wouldn’t sound good.)

The video, apparently shot in nearby Salford, seems a little uninspired to me(because I don’t recognize any of the football players in it, I guess), but it does mark the first time anybody’s seen Sebastian since Indian Flute about a decade ago…

 And while we’re talking decades ago…and I’m overdosing us all on youtube videos…when I was, oh , I don’t know, fifteen or sixteen years old, I wanted to be Lil’ Kim for about two seconds. Then something else crossed my mind(mainly that she was kind of a ho and I was trying my hardest not to cuss, fuss, and talk pseudo-sexy trash at the time which made her a terrible role model) so I gave up on that. By now I’ve outgrown my chronically short attention–hey look a butterfly!–span, but I still remember seeing the following video and loving it so much I recorded it on a big ol’ VHS tape and watched it about 4 million times.

Now I’m going back outside to chill in the sun.


4 responses

  1. Girl
    Now that I have highspeed(thanks to comcast) I can finally listen to the music you sendYEAHHHHH! Lots of good songs on here. Thank you.

  2. YEAHHHHH is right! Good to “see” you girl, and in high speed at that! *does the Holy Ghost dance* Cool.

    One of these days I’ma have to feature a Nadiaunique joint on here.

  3. Unklejam makes me frantic to get this foot ready for dancing stoopid again, and RH Factor just takes me away entirely….

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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