Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue…

My bedroom looks like a tree sneeze.

 Old calendars(but oddly, no new ones), newspaper clippings, books, 2 old copies of The Big Issue that I periodically buy from this be-scarfed woman on Deansgate in hopes that she will one day tell me her name, a half-full box of Christmas cards that I haven’t yet managed to find storage space for, more books, a jumble of cords that belong to something(what, I’m not sure), about 30 random pages of poetry jots, grocery lists, wishful thinking budgets clipped to reality’s receipts, old movie and theatre ticket stubs, the first 5 pages of what I hope will turn into another novel and even more books. All of this, strewn across the floor in drifts and slides and piles. Yuck. Every other day or so, I become obsessed with tidiness and pile it all up in some kind of order based on some arbitrary filing system I’m guaranteed to forget fifteen minutes later, which is probably the reason things are so messy anyway.  I used to have a desk, before that a bigger bedroom. Now I just have a big mess.

My walls are shockingly blank, considering how over-decorated the floor is. I’ve been trying to motivate myself into painting again for over a year now, just so that there can be something on my walls besides nubbly old wallpaper and an aggravating recurring patch of damp that I seem to be bleaching away every other second. For about a million reasons, the biggest one seeming to be no desire to try and do anything visually artistic, I have no art on my walls and a whole lot of extraneous paper on the floor.

 I think I’ve discovered a solution to the problem.

I’m going to buy some Blu-Tac. 


One response

  1. But you didn’t TELL us you’d posted!

    Tree sneeze! Hahhaha!

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