Me and you, your mama and your cousin too…

~sigh~ I love music. But I must have missed the memo. Apparently it is no longer en vogue to make or use your own beats these days. Seems like every other new hip-hop release is a rehash of something that was previously done…Rhymefest did the whole Thriller tribute thing, Kardinal Offishall just released a whole album of other people’s songs with his voice on them, and the former Floacist Marsha whatshername re-rhymed The Chronic.  The pop world is even getting in on the trend, with Mark Ronson simultaneously pissing off the band that originally did Valerie and providing Amy Winehouse with more income with which to live up to her last name, poor thing

             Originally I was totally down with this, but somewhere in between Rhymefest and the Gloved One conversing about racism and what may be the worst reworking of Nuthin But A G Thang EVER recorded, I started thinking, hmm. Gee. Maybe this is not as creative as it seems. Take a listen to Kardinal Offishall’s rework of the Outkast classic Elevators and tell me you wouldn’t rather have a new Andre 3000 album instead.

             The Brit Awards are on right now, and in between typing I’m busy annoying my housemates by predicting who should and who will win each award. I’m glad to say so far, I’ve only missed out one…I thought the Foo Fighters would only win one award, not two, even though they don’t deserve either one OR the Grammy they just got. Yeah, I said it. 

             Yeah, the Grammys have already happened. Nobody but Kanye West cared, and that’s because he won EVERYTHING. Best Rap Album, Best Rap Duo Performance, Most Consistently Blingtastic Use of Sunglasses in a Music Video…you get the idea.  Oh well.

             I think I wanna start my own awards show. Don’t know what to call them though. What word captures the essence of not being wack?

 Maybe there’ll be a special award for people who limit themselves to only one sample, tribute or cover per album.           

 Whoa…did Ian McKellan just shout out Mika?

 I really like the videos on this website;; probably because I haven’t danced like that, all free and fun with a big stupid grin on my face, for a very long time. This isn’t because I don’t want to. I’m just really scared of looking like this chick:

 Leona Lewis rocked her performance like whoa. But Amy Winehouse is really starting to scare me…she’s such an incredible performer that I could happily watch her gargle the alphabet, but her lifestyle is starting to take a toll on her. When you can tell someone’s been chemically frying themselves by how they sing, that is not a good sign. I think it was afrobella who pointed out Amy’s particular genius brand of inebriate charisma ages ago…she was right. Still is.

 Gutted! Mika didn’t win anything (except possibly a dinner date with Ian McKellan…yeah, I said that too…)

 Other than that, the most remarkable thing about the Brit Awards was that nobody seemed to actually want to be there. Can somebody tell me what that’s about?


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