I’m sitting on deep crates of sweet beat break…

Holy schnikeys, this is an ugly blog. I really need to do something about this page layout, because I don’t think my progressively more bilious color scheme is working.

I think it’s been at least three years since I first heard She Moved Outta Cincy by Tanya Morgan(which despite the name, is a rap group, not a soul singer)…all of a sudden the tune has cropped up again on their new mixtape, the descriptively named Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group. I bring that up just to point out the excellent website loudminoritymusic.com and all of the free mixtapes and quality albums they have up there…definitely worth checking out.

I’ve just been sent an insane amount of new music…listening to the new Mariah Carey as I type this…and wondering my goodness but how is anybody going to break even in this industry nowadays? The sheer volume of new releases…and 90% of it isn’t even really new…

…it all makes my head hurt. Dig the music, but the jury’s still out on the industry and what it’s becoming…

I think I feel like that about EVERYTHING these days…this morning I was making toast and thinking, you know, I really like bread, but I’m not so sure about butter…and don’t even get me started on marmalade…

…which reminds me…

…click here to see yet another xenophobic map of how most Americans view the world…

…which would be annoying if it wasn’t often true.

…other than that, I got nothin’. Out.



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