Who dat is? My baby daddy, that’s just my baby daddy…

So wow, did I ever have a wild weekend. With the intention of meeting up with lots and lots of old friends, I went from church to the Cinco De Mayo festival downtown to the Denver Art Museum to Mad Greens to a very gay bar to a slightly less gay bar to my favorite jazz club into an extremely unfruitful midnight search for brownies to the shower at my grandma’s house to a different church to Popeye’s Chicken to an extremely awkward family gathering.

It was very weird.

The most interesting thing by far was seeing the painting Pater Noster by the artist/writer Sean Landers, currently on exhibit at the D.A.M. You can see some pics of it here, here and here, courtesy of this strangers blog, but the pictures really don’t capture the sheer novel coolness of the piece.

What it is; basically, just a great big canvas with a years worth of journal-style thoughts painted on it.

Why I think it’s so cool; because it just is.  First of all, I could have spent hours just reading through all the bits of life scrawled on that canvas. It’s genuinely interesting. And also, as a writer, it gets annoying to hear how much people don’t read these days, and how writing is becoming a lost art and if you really want to make an artistic mark that reaches the masses, you’d better get into visuals. Or maybe sing everything. For those of us who can’t paint with anything but words, that sucks. But here we have Pater Noster, a year’s worth of well-written words painted on canvas, on exhibit at the D.A. M. along with African masks, Native housepoles, and gigantic federally funded ashtray sculptures.  No pictures, just words in a pattern that make an impact.  It’s art. And it’s literature. It’s literature. And it’s art. But it’s different.

Yeah, baby.    

I so have to read the book [sic] now.

In other other news…while sitting in JR’s on Saturday night, a couple of us started to make lists of random things we like and dislike(for no real reason, except that this is what happens when you give large groups of bored people beer and popcorn, then forbid them all to speak about their love lives.) Because I’m sitting at work bored to death, and they’ve just instituted a company wide block on facebook(twitch. twitch.), I figure I might as well blog about my dislikes to escape the tedium.

And I don’t even have any popcorn.

So, here we are…my list of five dislikable things, for no real reason.

1) Fake sweeteners. Yuck. I like real sugar. Diet sodas make me want to barf.

2)Chinese food. With rare homemade exceptions, makes me actually barf.

3)When people interrupt a conversation by saying “excuse me” then barrelling right over what you were saying to someone else. Excuse me? That’s still hella rude. Just wait until I’m done speaking. If I see you there, I won’t ignore you, and I’ll even stop talking so that you can. But if you try and pull that “excuse me” crap, expect to get snapped on unless it’s an emergency.

4)When people at work get mean and angry if they have to wait more than thirty seconds for anything. Last time I checked, nobody can survive inside a microwave. 

5) The term “baby daddy”. What the heck is wrong with calling the father of your child just that, the father of your child? If that’s too difficult, then what’s wrong with “my kid’s dad”?   And if I’m all for speaking ebonics, but look…baby daddy is a ridiculous thing to call a grown man, or even a nearly grown one. Put an apostrophe and an “s” on that mug. It’s not that hard. And it sounds and feels so much better. I bring this up because there seems to be a trend here of people using ringtones of somebody shouting things at the top of their lungs. On the city bus, coming from the phone of a young woman with several small children, I heard the following; “WHERE MY BABY DADDY AT! WHERE HE BE! I said, WHERE MY BABY DADDY AT!…” etc, etc, ad nauseum. And the worst part is, she didn’t pick up the phone! She just let it ring! Auuuughhhh.  The funniest thing about that, though, is the guy at the back of the bus who jumped a mile and starting looking around wild-eyed as though he was the baby daddy in question…~sigh~

Anyway, next time, I’ll list some things I like. Or something. Oh, and BTW,

Happy birthday Emily!!!


One response

  1. Oh shit oh shit, I lost track of time, can’t believe you’re here already! (And I, of course, am still stuck in the ATL, stuck hard!) Awwww, I wanna see you, dammit!

    Well, thanks for the shout out, baby. Now gitcho ass to Atlanta!

    How long you here?

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