Using a lyric here would just be redundant…

So mercycorps has people in China too…

My temp job is pretty intensely boring. Aside from the occasional call asking me to get up from my desk and take a phone to a pilot out of the airplane that he’s currently piloting(seriously), things are pretty dull.

However, I get all the free internet surf time I want. Minus facebook and youtube. Twitch twitch. Maybe that’ll be incentive for me to do something vaguely constructive for once. Then again, maybe not.

Browsing through various lists of albums due to be released this year, I’m thinking this might be the year of unsurprisingly good music and crap music that is also unsurprising. First of all, it is hilarious that Ace of Base, Powerman 5000 and, uh…Motley Crue(!?) are all releasing new albums.  Wow. It’ll be like the soundtrack to my high school reunion. For the record, I’m not going to my high school reunion. 

Nikki Sixx is still hot though. Freaky mullet like thing on his head and all.

There’s some surprising newness in the offing too…the actress Scarlet Johannson of Lost In Translation  fame has an album coming out…you can listen to it for free here. I haven’t actually gotten a chance to listen to it myself but it certainly looks like it might be interesting. 

Also, even though internet gossip is panning this one all around, I’m kind of looking forward to Solange Knowles’ August release Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. Peep the first single, I Decided, here. Yeah, she’s Beyonce’s baby sister and the vocal does sound a little forced and maybe she’s not so flashy as a performer. But I like the style on this one. It’s a cute little pop song for people who like singable melodies as opposed to pop, squeak, squitter, moan. I’ll definitely be checking the album out just to see what it’s like.

Not so surprising is the advent of the ‘sequel’ album…Timbalands hitting us with part II of Shock Value and Erykah Badu gracing the planet with New Amerykah:Part II(Return of the Ankh). I’m starting to kind of wish that recording artists would wait for slightly longer intervals between releases(can we say oversaturation of the market, boys and girls?) but meh. These’ll both be hits, no matter what they sound like.

Other than that, it looks to be a pretty standard year for musical releases. Lots of albums by artists that we all already know are quality, even though some of them haven’t been seen for a while. Stevie Wonder, Common, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Dr. Dre, Coldplay and Keri Hilson have all got CD’s coming out this year. Aside from Keri Hilson’s album, which has already been leaked in bits and pieces all over the ‘net, most of these are just rumors, and if they do exist, probably going to be more of the same that we’ve been hearing for a while…not that that’s a bad thing.

All this makes me wonder just what the next big thing in music is going to be. What’s the next sound going to be? I think we’re reaching the tail end of the electro crossover that’s running all through hip-pop and R&B(especially now that Madonna’s jacked it…still, that track, minus the vocals, is pretty hot). Maybe a more substantial singing sound will come into play? More experimental variants of soul and hip-hop? Santogold’s self-titled release is doing pretty well, all things considered. Maybe there’ll be a more introspective lyrical trend for pop music in general? There’s been a few odd covers of r&b songs by emo groups and vice versa that makes me wonder…maybe the genre’s finally gotten past the whole big-booty-bad-relationship-party-anyway thing?

Maybe I’m just dreaming.

Oh, and Atmosphere just released a new album a minute ago and I TOTALLY missed it. Such are the perils of being grown, boring, and having places to go and things to do that don’t revolve around the local record store.

Oh, and there don’t seem to be ANY big insta-hit summer albums coming out…how weird is that?


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  1. All I know is that I’ve been thrilled to discover that true soul music is not dead — it’s just been hiding in Atlanta!

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