Quote of the whenever; Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

So what’s been up with me lately? This blog might as well be called Things That Are Really Pissing Mel Off.

Because of that, I’m making an effort today to write about two things that do not irk me in any way, shape, or form. One is the incredibly well-written book Jesus For President, by Shane Claiborne(who also wrote the highly-recommended book The Irresistible Revolution) and Chris Haw(who’s a lot harder to pin down in parentheses). The title is perhaps a bit misleading in the current culture, but that only points to how relevant and necessary this book is.

In any case, I’ m really bad at describing books, so forget me…here’s a quote that jumped out at me:

“Much of the world now lies in the ruins of triumphant and militant Christianity. The imperially baptized religion created a domesticated version of Christianity–a dangerous thing that can inoculate poeple from ever experiencing true faith. (Everyone is a Christian, but no one knows what a Christian is anymore.) Our hope is that the postmodern, post-Christian world is once again ready for a people who are peculiar, people who spend their energy creating a culture of contrast rather than a culture of relevancy. If we are to be relevant to the world we live in, we must be relevant nonconformists.”  ~Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw, Jesus For President, p. 240.

In other not-really-news, the onslaught of summer music is already insane this year. Lil’ Roach Wayne has an album coming out in some strange soon interval of time, but meanwhile the track “A Milli” has already been jacked and remade by everybody east of the Mississippi. My favorite’s gotta be this one by Brooklyn baby Lil’ Mama…I got a lil’ soft spot for femcees anyway, and my girl destroys Weezy on this. That’s what he gets from dropping her guest appearance at the last minute, right?

The link again, in case you weren’t paying attention…



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