They call me Hell, they call me Stacy, they call me her, they call me Jane…

So a few days ago, I read about this, in the Guardian. Basically,  Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made some  offensive, sexually explicit phone calls to Andrew Sachs concerning his granddaughter as part of a late night prank call radio show. (All three of those names belong to UK-famous entertainers, for those of you reading this from elsewhere.) The BBC has had to make apologies, Ross and Brand have been suspended, and there’s been all kinds of media brouhaha about it. Sach’s granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, has actually requested the pair be fired and is considering making a complaint to the police. I peeped at the transcript of the phone call and it is hideously disrespectful. I’m actually confused as to why anyone thought this would be funny in the first place.

I bring all that up to say, despite all, am I the only one who thinks the following quote, from todays news story about the grand-daughter’s point of view, is absolutely hilarious?

“Baillie, who has just returned from Vienna where she was performing with dance troupe the Satanic Sluts, said Brand and Ross were “beyond contempt” and that broadcasting the interview showed “an appalling lack of judgment”.”

Just thought I’d point that out.


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  1. Madelene Richmond | Reply

    Just another wannabe who has now opened a can of worms for herself and her family,which also consists of a little,old forgotten,Spanish Waiter who must also be desperate not to be forgotten. She knew EXACTLY what and WHO she was doing and didn’t complain when she was frolicking with Russell. She knew the score and is under the very false impression that she could just become the next Dita … doubt it darling!!!

    That’s the risk you take,sleeping with someone as gorgeous as Mr.Brand love and would have been far,far better that you laughed it off and got on with it … you knew the risk,didn’t ya? lol. Anyway,all your own past history is coming out now and doesn’t look too good hey? Well done!!! What is it? Todays newspapers – tomorrows Fish and Chip Papers? That’s exactly where your pathetic complaint should be. lmao.

  2. I am a fan of prank calls to a certain extent. If it gets too personal and out of control, I’ll start to change my thought about it. Prank calls should have limits because they’ll get you into so much trouble than you’ll ever expect. I don’t think Ross and Brand should lose their job over the prank call, I think a suspension is enough. Maybe if the person getting the prank call wouldn’t take it so serious after they’ve been told about it and the person, or people, delivering the prank call wouldn
    ‘t be so inconsiderate of how the person may feel, prank calls can actually be a fun and entertainging experience. I don’t think that would ever happen, so maybe we should just put an end to prank calls. Ha ha!

  3. Satanic Sluts?

    Comical indeed.

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