Tip my hat to the sun in the west, feel the beat right in my chest…

A few random thoughts on this Monday afternoon…

–I have an etsy shop…SweetShop Creations If you buy something, I give money to charity.<–shameless self-promotion over!

–Overheard on a plane;

Hostess: So today we’re serving a half sub with swiss cheese and turkey ham…

Passenger: I don’t eat pork!

Hostess: Oh,ok. It’s turkey ham..

Passenger: Did you say ham? I don’t eat pork!

Hostess: It’s turkey ham…so it’s like ham, but from a turkey.

Passenger: Get it away from me! I don’t eat pork! You’re trying to make me eat ham!

Hostess: But it’s from a turkey. Not a pig.

Passenger: Does that sandwich have ham in it?

Hostess: Turkey ham, yes.

Passenger: Then it’s pork. I don’t eat pork. Get that away from me.

And so on…

–Did a fly-by quickie tour of Chicago recently, and this thing..is so freaking cool…

–Dear rappers; please stop with the rap aliases that sound kinda like real names but aren’t. It’s confusing! I’m looking at you, Jon Connor, David Banner, Lloyd Banks, Soulja Boy…ok, maybe not that last one, but my point is…if you’re going to use a fake name, use a REALLY fake name. If I was a rapper, I wouldn’t run around calling myself Jane Smith.

–But I might call myself Diana Prince. I think I get it now. Lloyd Banks, you still have no excuse.

–Today’s musical quote title has nothing to do with any of the actual content in this blog…and it’s also not where you think it’s from…


3 responses

  1. Bet you the passenger uses meth though. Interesting title for you blog. Do you believe in water as well?

    1. Hmm…kinda. The blog title is from a poem I wrote based on that old silly gospel song…”I’ve got peace like a river, joy like a fountain, love like an ocean in my soul”. The poem is about the Middle Passage, and the songs that were created during that time–crying out for the day when there will be nothing but water flowing from every man’s soul.

      So yeah…I guess I DO believe in water…:-)

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