But I mean just what I say and I’m gon’ show what I’m about…

*ahem* so yeah, my blog operates on CP time. And what?

I’ve got a few things to talk about on this Mother’s Day Sunday…

*Why is it so hard for people to mean what they say and say what they mean? Even in the superficial things? This is something I always work on…I don’t like empty words and I try not to use them. I’ll be honest and say, I’m not very good at removing empty words, but it’s something I’m working on.

*I’ve decided to teach myself another language. I already speak two languages–English(passably) and French(terribly). Language number 3? Korean. 안녕하세요! I’ll share more as time passes, but right now, one of my vocab practice tools is to look around a room when I’m bored and translate everything in the room three ways.Yes, that’s how big a geek I am. I sit around saying things to myself like,  “the teacher/professeur/선생님 is sitting in the chair/chaise/의자.” And yes, I am showing off.

*Mom(maman/엄마), you’ve never read anything I’ve written or heard a song I’ve sung. You probably won’t for a long while. But on the off chance that I’m wrong(and I often am) and you do come across this blog, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

*The drawbacks of becoming multi-multi-lingual are a little startling. My spelling is wrecked. I’m sure there’s some scientific reason for this, but it’s a little unsettling, considering I usually don’t even have to use spellcheck. Now I can barely remember how to spell “spellcheck” unless I think about it first.

*I’m back in England(Angleterre/영극). Have been for four months now. I wasn’t, for a looong time(and so, this blog was not that active), but now I’m back. Things are cool. The pigeons have been breeding like crazy, as have anti-foreigner sentiments and girls who wear leggings as trousers. But apparently crime has gone down. Unless you’re the fashion police.

*This wouldn’t be my blog(blog/블로그) without some narcissistic epiphanizing, so here goes. I was thinking the other day…like I often do…about this idea that success happens overnight. It doesn’t. True success has a root system comprised of time and hard work and perserverance. Without those roots, success blooms for just a moment and then shrivels up. (Which is why I’m not that worried about the Jersey Shore cast making money off of drivel…let them do it now, while they can. Next year it’ll be off to some other shucking jiving minority exploitation races, so let them get while the gettings good…just not from me.)

I say all of this to encourage myself and other hard-working, goal oriented people. The fruits of your labor will come, and they will bloom longer and taste sweeter than you can imagine. Just continue to lay down those roots, and get ready to enjoy.

I guess that’s an appropriate segueway into today’s lyric, which comes from this:

Peace y’all.


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