Lord of light, Lord of love…

So a few quickies…

–First, a retraction/correction of sorts concerning this post. Two days ago, I was in nearly the exact same situation, and the lady I gave my seat up to not only said a hearty and heartfelt thank you, she started a conversation with me afterwards. So I’m willing to chalk the whole “ungrateful heffa” thing up to personality differences. Geez, how do sociologists and anthropologists and psychologists do it?

More rambles after the jump…

–Second, speaking of sociologist and anthropologist and psychologists, oh my… um…I’m not even going to link to it, but there’s a blog post on Psychology Today, of all places, that apparently gives a (pseudo)scientific rationale for why black women are so much less attractive than women of other races. I’d say something sharply pointed about this, but I’m too busy being fat, ugly and unintelligent.

–Third–so Maria Shriver has left Arnold Schwarzenegger. Incredible. You can find details of why here, but I will say this in Maria’s favor. She left. A lot of women stay with powerful men through all types of shenanigans because of the security that powerful men provide in other arenas. Not Maria…she said, “Is this baby yours? It is? Right. I won’t be back.” For that, Maria, you get props. Not that my props mean anything whatsoever to you.

–Okay, last thing…I’ve just gotten in from gospel choir! And as a result, I have this stuck in my head…(same choir by the way…)


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