Oh, I’m about to go Andre the giant, you a sellout but I ain’t buyin’….

So pop music. It’s kind of like sex…when it’s good you can’t get enough, when it’s bad you want nothing to do with it.

Oh, come on. It can’t be just me who thinks that…?

Backtracking after the hump…er, JUMP…

I feel kind of bad about my last blog post.  I mean, I was just rambling on about my brief acquaintance with South Korean pop culture and my even briefer acquaintance with a sort of racist attitude based on a sort of alleged relationship…and somehow that got loads of traffic. I feel like I’ve misled a whole load of fan girls and fan women who google searched for “telisha shaw racism” and got my random little vanity blogiverse instead. Sorry y’all.

Moving on…I’d first like to say, I featured at least one truly dreadful video in my last blog post, for which I’d like to apologize. Generally, my music taste is a lot more acceptable to nerds, audiophiles and snobs. Witness what it took me a half hour to do today…

…and no, I have no idea why I recorded that. Or why I placed the camera directly under my nose in order to record that. In any case, Chaka Khan is real music. Not saying pop music isn’t real music ’cause it blatantly is and at her heyday, Chaka was pop music, but ask any music nerd. Pop music has a distinctly unmusical connotation to it these days, and I generally avoid it.

That said, I’ve been listening to waaaaaaaayyyyy too much pop music these days. I used to be strictly into poetic, moody, mildly political genres–neosoul, indie, conscious hip hop, AfroPunk, that sort of thing.  Couldn’t get me near a Rihanna track if you paid me.

But then I moved overseas and suddenly pop music wasn’t as annoying as it used to be. It was actually kind of good. It helped me stay connected to what was going on back in the states, in a weird way, because 90% of the pop music in any given market seems to be American or trying very hard to be so.  So, I listen to a lot of pop music. It maintains that if I ever go back to the US for good, I won’t be completely uncool. (Too late! I hear in the distance. Oh well.)

I also find myself listening to rap music. Not hip hop. Rap. The kind of rap that I would not ordinarily be caught dead listening to as a self-respecting black person. I may have wasted half an hour trying to make Chaka my ringtone today, but I also caught myself listening to this. I’m not going to put the video in this post, just click on it and try not to be too disgusted. (That is, if you weren’t horrified by the videos in the last blog post...)

All I can say, is that Chuck D was right. Rap music is black people CNN. I mean, how else would I know that “this is a celebration bitches! Mazel Tov!”. Or, that my drink could be purple OR pink, depending on how I mix it?

Brilliant lyricsm, messrs. Drake, Wayne and Ross. Whatever would I do without your insights? Just HOW would I manage to stay connected to my culture?

Hmph. At least I’m learning something from the bad Korean music…I think…


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