Tweedle-leedle-lee, tweedle-deedle-dee…

Five random Tuesday things…

1)Follow me on Twitter! I’m @mamalazarus

2) This makes me happy…

3)I’m burning rose-scented incense right now. It smells so much better than it sounds, but I do miss my sage and sweetgrass right about now…

Two more after the jump…

4)A big hearty  to whoever it was that found this blog by searching for “telisu fanfic”. Ewwwwww. I am never writing about kpop again. This is not that kind of blog, young lady. (Just playin’ with you. Or not. Seriously, go talk to some real people, whoever you are.)

5)X-Men:First Class didn’t suck. Y’all have no idea how relieved I am at that. Although, I do find myself empathizing with the (eventual) villain far more than usual.

**Here there be spoilers, or whatever it is I’m supposed to say to warn you…**

Basically, Charles Xavier comes across as a snobby middle-class douche, while Magneto is sort of like James Bond…if 007 had endured racism, oppression, transience, and an all-encompassing and totally justified lust for revenge in his heart. Xavier, on the other hand, basically possessed everything he could ever want and what does he do with it? Smarm heartily and uselessly perform intermittent mutant psychotherapy on people. Boooo. Hissssss. Where do I sign up for the Brotherhood?

Okay, that’s my five…peace!


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