Everybody thought I was just another dancer…

50 posts, wow.

So on June 16, 2007, I started this blog. Totally a vanity project, and still is. Originally, it was a myspace blog, just for random observations and such.  Myspace began to get a little juvenile, so I moved over here–coincidentally, just in time for me to make a massive intercontinental move, lose the whole world and gain my soul, and further entertain the handful of folks…mostly from the Denver arts scene and the nappturality.com forums…who were at the time following me around the internet.

Now, I mostly use it as a repository for random thoughts here and there…I literally do nothing to promote or publicize this blog, and never have but hey! we have 10,568 views! Thanks, everybody!

Life has changed a lot for me over the past four years…I’ll probably blog about it at length another time. But, in a nutshell…I’ve opened up a shop here. I’ve started studying here. I make music with Delta Buoy. I don’t do the whole happy Christian dogoodnik act anymore. And I’m just as random as I ever was.

Less meandering after the jump…or more, depending on your point of view…

Now, going back to views…~*SIGH*~…I’m just not going to fight it anymore. The only views at all I’ve garnered for the past week have been because of this lady…

You're beautiful, girl, but I never should've brought you up on my blog...

Apparently, people have been plugging “telisu”, “telisha shaw” and most disturbingly “telisha shaw junsu racism fanfic” into the search engines of their choice and somehow finding this blog.

I was all set to get mad that nobody seems to be reading my masterful treatises on the ghost of spiritual struggles past, but then I came across Asian Pop Addict, where Telisu has provided an interview dishing on JYJ, her forays into the world of KPop, and just her dancing career in general. I wish I could embed it for you, but just click here and do your listening/downloading/podcasting thug thizzle…I’ll wait.

Ok, you done yet? No? Yeah, those women can TALK, can’t they…ok, five more minutes…

Alright, now that you’ve listened to that epic interview broadcast…isn’t Telisu just DARLING? Truly adorable… she has got to be one of the cutest women in the world…and she totally summed up my ethos on being a fierce fabulous non-hateriffic woman in a few sentences near the beginning of her interview. Awesome.

Also, is this a Black People Connection or what? It’s been a minute since I heard anybody in the entertainment industry speak and thought to myself–you know, that person just might be ok. I could so have a drink with that person and be cool. Telisu gives friend-in-my-head-realness. Don’t know her, but I’m proud of her.

Sadly, she isn’t dating Junsu Kim in all his fine like wine-ness, but I don’t care(not that I ever did…really). Get it ANYWAY, girl. And I still don’t like her song that much, but shoot. I’ll buy it. Telisu gets a thumbs up for being genuinely likable, something that fewer and fewer artists seem to know how to do.

Ok. And that, REALLY, is the last post in which I’ll be mentioning kpop. Please. Go read my other blog entries, y’all. A sista has a reputation to think about.

Listen to  Telisu’s 1st single “Our Secret”  HERE.

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