I can fly, I can bend metal with my mind, OH! We got that magic…

A random Monday thought;

So among other things, I’m really into sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Movies, television, and especially books. I like fairy tales–I’m one of the those people who believes that stories shed light on the deeper issues of humanity.

I find it VERY interesting that fantasy fiction, pre-1980, often features magic of a mechanical nature.

Magic in fantasy post-1980 often involves manipulating emotion and social situations.

Consider this; these are modern fairy tales.  And just as a society projects its ills into its fairy tale monsters, it projects its needs into its fairy tale magic.

There’s been a definite shift, then, from the perceived need for mechanical improvement to a perceived need for character improvement. I know I’m always harping on this sort of thing, but hey. It’s interesting.

Today’s blog title courtesy of Robin Thicke. 


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