I’ve got lovely feet! *guitar riff*

Hello, and welcome to the eleventy-billionth re-design of this blog. Folks were complaining about the light text on dark background thing, so I changed it. Oh, the indescrible power…let’s hope this change sticks.

First things first…I finally set up an email address for this blog…from now on, any questions that don’t belong in the comments can be directed to mamalazarusATgmail.com.

Second things second…I just finished traipsing around Europe for a few weeks. I did a little bit of free-writing and a LOT of picture taking everywhere we went, so, for the next dozen posts or so, this is gonna be a travel blog.

Without further ado…Tallinn, Estonia…

Blond teenage boys in the wine bar in the wall. Lancashire posh guy moving to Estonia to be with his fiancee. Being stared at by an Asian man and white woman in a restaurant. Salted fish. Hot wine. Smoked cheese. Spiced nuts. Medieval costumes and architecture. Toompea. Old massive Russian church.

Aussies in the hostel kitchen! Filipinas in yellow. Sharing a locker. Ethnic Russians saying so. Tere means hi and aitah means thank you. Amazing warm beer, trout roe, and sour cream. Combs made of sandalwood and cinnamon oil. Towers and spires everywhere.

Modern juxtaposed with ancient. Ferry to Helsinki. Bilinguals. Quatrilinguals. Dirty shoes(mine). Filthy feet(also mine). Rock music–except for one Toompea-top Spaniard. Hand-thumped coins. Views. Harbors. Japanese with cameras. Russians with attitudes. Finns. Spaniards. Bookshops. Getting restaurant recommendations from a pharmacist. Strange seagulls. Good night.

Today’s title comes from here…


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  2. […] For an explanation of why the blog’s been weird lately, click here. […]

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