Layla, you’ve got me on my knees Layla…

For an explanation of why the blog’s been weird lately, click here.

Riga, Latvia…

Okay, so we’re in Riga. Friendly-uninterested stares as opposed to the friendly-curious ones in Estonia. Cheap, plentiful beer. Street violinists.

Amber jewelry. Playing foosball with two Frenchman and a German with an audience of Taiwanese. 4.90 lats for way too much food. Marrow and dill and tarragon, oh my! Alex the Canadian-German-Serbian. Two honeymooning gay couples. Balsam liqueur. Marcis with a “tz”. The 26th floor bar. Beer gardens. Street culture. Getting tipsy, then lost. Disgusting creamy marrow pancakes. Lidos. Expressive statue faces.

The Naughty Squirrel Hostel. Long coach ride. No border check. Bristolian in bar who loves Latvia but is being sent to Arizona by his job. Stalin’s last building. Freedom is 3 stars held by a woman in green.

Incomprehensibly long language. Twilight at midnight. Hearing “Layla” sung with a Latvian accent. A Scottish Latvian(I don’t get it either.) A Russian Estonian. Pink chicken–didn’t eat it. Brezel means pretzel–didn’t eat that either. Loving couples sitting at a fountain. Turning a corner and finding this…

Today’s title, by the way, comes from a rendition of the iconic Clapton tune that we heard   performed by Mitrokhin’s Master Band live in a beer garden in Riga…sadly their groovy rendition of Layla isn’t on their site, but plenty of other tunes are…check those out HERE.


2 responses

  1. it looks gorgeous! i would love to travel there and see all the sights you have recommended

  2. It was! Checked out your blog though, and you seem to have the right idea…sun and sand all the way!Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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