Different strokes for different folks and so on and so on and scooby-dooby-dooby…

Six random Monday things:

1) A long time ago I wrote a song, the chorus of which included the line “If no man is an island, why is everybody else in a boat?” It’s not the best song I’ve ever written, but is IS one of the best lines. Not to toot my own horn(or row my own boat?) but that’s exactly the flaw in Western mainstream cultures when it comes to the buzzed about “community”. Even if you decide to connect to others and live in an intentional, community-oriented way, the truth remains that most other people are in their own boats, forming their own islands, and don’t really want to be a part of a community in an active sense. It’s just not how we’re raised. If a pre-existing community comes along and serves needs, fine. If being in a community requires conscious behavioural change and understanding–back to the boats we go.

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2)This was sent to me by a fellow budding kpop aficionado…


No, REALLY, y'all.


3) As much as I love memes and all their instant inside joke-y goodness, I often find that there are tons of meme-worthy things that really only exist in my head. For example, whenever I write or speak about something I did a long time ago, in my head I instantly add, “a real long time ago…back in 1994!”. If you don’t get that(and you won’t) check out this Dave Chapelle skit and enter my self-referential post hip-hop world.

4)I’m trying to formulate my thoughts on this whole Occupy movement. That’s not an easy thing to do. I will say though, that there are a lot questions that I’m constantly asking that no one involved seems to be able to answer. Where is the political candidate who can turn these protests into policy? Who is supporting and formulating the legal changes that need to be made to return corporate law to the land of the sane and ungreedy? And even more importantly, are we, the 99%, willing to pay the necessarily higher prices and conspicuously consume less to support those corporations that decide to work without exploitation of workers? Were we ever? Are we now? Or do we just want our piece of the big greedy pie?

5) Okay, back to self-reference. I managed to make another youtube video!

It’s basically me mumbling and whining about other people’s insistence that me, or anyone with a definite belief system, is judging the world whenever they open up their mouth to say something definitive. That really, really grinds my gears. It’s a very human thing to have and share opinions. It is a human thing to have a wide variety of opinions, thoughts and feelings for a wide variety of reasons. When people who don’t like my, or anyone else’s, thoughts, feelings, and opinions immediately jump for the “judgemental fanatic” defense it pisses me off. Take some responsibility and stick up for yourself and what you think!  I will not be robbed of an element of my basic humanity just because YOU(generally) don’t want to think through your life choices and would rather go on the attack anytime someone says something remotely challenging, even if it originally had nothing to do with you.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have made some very bad life choices.(I’ve made some good ones, too, though.) I have, and continue to, live with the consequences of those life choices and the opinions of other people. Are they judging me? Not necessarily. Are they allowed to share what they think? Yes! That’s called living in community with other people–if you open up your life to others, expect to hear about both the good and the bad. That’s the only way I expect to improve at this thing called life. And just as others are free to express disagreement and displeasure with me–I am free to express the whole gamut of emotions and thoughts, from happy and supportive to unhappy and unimpressed, with other people.

This is why we’re all paddling around in boats. And I know I said in the video I wasn’t going to bang on about it, but it really, really grinds my gears when people see judgment where accountability stands. Or even just diversity, shoot. It’s not always so deep as to include accountability. Sometimes, someone else just thinks differently. That’s not judgment. That’s just them!

6) To continue tangentially from number 5, I’d like to say that I don’t mean to say that there is no such thing as judgement. I have and can be quite judgmental, just like everyone else. (It’s that whole human thing, rearing it’s scaly fallible head again.) My point is that judgment and opinion are not the same and calling judgment where it’s not is a clever way to dodge personal and community responsibility.

Also, most unqualified judgments are silly.

A few examples:

OPINION: Blue is for boys.

JUDGMENT: Blue is for boys, therefore all girls who wear blue must be some kinda lesbian and are therefore going to HELL.

OPINION/FACT:  Ice cream gives me gas because I am lactose intolerant.

JUDGMENT: Those who like ice cream are biologically inferior and are therefore condemned to a living DEATH. Like HELL.

OPINION: Black men are beautiful.

JUDGMENT: Black men are beautiful, therefore every other man is unattractive. In fact, they look like HELL!

I am having entirely too much fun coming up with these, so I’ll stop there.

Today’s blog title comes from the one and only Sly and the Family Stone:



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