…you look cute but I look better!

There’s a rhyme that I learned in middle or maybe high school–some sort of cheerleader self-esteem rant. I cannot, for the life of me, remember where it comes from originally. I’ve never heard anybody else singing it, and I feel like some aged weirdo when I try and teach it to middle school-aged girls here. (There’s no such thing as middle school in the UK, only primary school, then high school from 12 onwards. College is the last two years of US high school and is NOT compulsory and university is anything after that that results in a degree. There’s your confused expat factoid of the day. Moving on…)

So, in hopes that some random netizen in the blogosphere can help me track down the source of this rhyme, I’m going to type it out here. Anybody know where this is from?

The sun, I swear, it’s bleaching out my hair

The grass is green, it’s ruined my new jeans

34 to 24, I don’t even know the score

Go! Go! Fight! Fight! (Gee I hope I look alright)

I’m the best there’ll ever be

Now’s the time for victory

V-I-C–uh, what’s that letter?


Now imagine being on a bus full of teenagers shouting that last line back and forth at each other. Uh-huh. I think God called me to my brief tenure as a youth worker as penance, not because I was any good at it.

Anybody know where this rhyme is from? Thanks in advance…


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