Can’t be too late, the boss is SO demanding…

It’s always a little weird when someone I actually know in real life mentions this blog to me. There’s a part of me that believes that this blog is the internet equivalent of mumbling in a room full of strangers. What I’m not counting on is that not everyone is a stranger, and some folks have keen hearing.

*waves to Lara*

Anyway, I have little to say and much to do, in an interesting reversal of the norm. Therefore, I will leave you with three random things and bid a healthy adieu as I go off to enjoy my first day off of work in 6 days…

1) Sometimes the city I live in scares and saddens me. I really really do feel unsafe here these days, and for that reason alone, I am looking forward to moving. R,I.P., Anuj Bidve and Chris Brahney. Peace and blessings to your families.

2)I’ve moved, and BOY am I glad. I am so much more productive and less stressed, and I think I am on the first leg of the “better people” journey. More on that another day(provided I survive Manchester. Geez. Seriously. This city gives me the shivers lately. Anyway…)I’m enjoying the new house and will be splashing out on girly decorative stuff at some point this week. Can’t wait.

3) This right here? Has been my jam all week. Sing along with me as you play it, and don’t forget…

Peace beautiful people!


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