About me…

I’m one of those people who claims to be really bad at talking about myself but somehow manages to do so all of the time anyway.

I’m addicted to printed words, vocal riffs, and sunny days.

I’m committed to enjoying life no matter what.

I’m a damn good cook, a pretty good listener, and a terrible driver.

I’m an expat. I’m American, but have  lived in England for 6 years. It’s rainy and full of pigeons and sheep. I’ll probably move eventually.  And so I did. I now live in Paju, South Korea. It’s…different.

I’m a Christian.  Somehow that manages to be the right words but the wrong connotations to explain a lot of what I’ve done with my life.

I f*** up the English language on the regular and have the nerve to call it art. Or even worse, “culture”.

I’m Black. Not regular Black, either. I’m super-hyper-conscious-culturalistic-OBAMA-Black. I like it. You should too.

Cool people get much love from me. Everybody else gets to read this blog to find out what I really think.

What Do You Think?

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