Skinny jeans so tight look like leggings…

I don’t have time to do a proper blog right now but I do have 3 quick thoughts to share.

!)There is no time, ever, when a grown person should be sitting somewhere with their jeans around their ankles in a public restroom thinking “Dear God. How am I going to get them back UP again?”

2)Also, not being able to feel your legs from the knee down just because you stood up too quick shouldn’t be a fashion statement.

3)Lycra is a good, good friend.

So glad that the skinny jeans trend is going away.

Speaking of trends…remember jerkin’? Didn’t last too long, but for some reason this jerk track popped into my head today…


Can’t be too late, the boss is SO demanding…

It’s always a little weird when someone I actually know in real life mentions this blog to me. There’s a part of me that believes that this blog is the internet equivalent of mumbling in a room full of strangers. What I’m not counting on is that not everyone is a stranger, and some folks have keen hearing.

*waves to Lara*

Anyway, I have little to say and much to do, in an interesting reversal of the norm. Therefore, I will leave you with three random things and bid a healthy adieu as I go off to enjoy my first day off of work in 6 days…

1) Sometimes the city I live in scares and saddens me. I really really do feel unsafe here these days, and for that reason alone, I am looking forward to moving. R,I.P., Anuj Bidve and Chris Brahney. Peace and blessings to your families.

2)I’ve moved, and BOY am I glad. I am so much more productive and less stressed, and I think I am on the first leg of the “better people” journey. More on that another day(provided I survive Manchester. Geez. Seriously. This city gives me the shivers lately. Anyway…)I’m enjoying the new house and will be splashing out on girly decorative stuff at some point this week. Can’t wait.

3) This right here? Has been my jam all week. Sing along with me as you play it, and don’t forget…

Peace beautiful people!

Down came the rain and washed the spider out…

Apparently much of the world is undergoing a heat wave(which,. I guess, is happening somewhere all the time.) Unfortunately, the UK hasn’t gotten the memo and it’s gray and wet and just generally inhospitable here. This is the sort of weather that makes it way too easy to feel miserable.

So, needless to say, for all my ruminations on discovering my naturally cheery side previously, I’m not having a great day. It’s all rainy, and I’m all broke, and I have a lot of work to do and no motivation and I have to go to work in an hour and talk to grouchy entitled miserable people all night for no real reason but money and bad parenting. Boo.

To top it all off, I went into the bathroom earlier to do what folks do in a bathroom, and there was some random brown blob the size of a £2 coin levitating in the air, slightly above eye level. I got closer, walked around it and AAAAAH! Oh my God!! SPIDER!

Yep. Some spider has decided to build an impressive invisible web in the top two thirds of the bathroom in the only walking space in the place.(It’s a tiny bathroom.) Now, life is not a season of Mad Men, but I can’t help but think that this is somehow a thematic callback to the spider epiphany I had when I first moved to England.

However, this time instead of getting, “stay here and ride the invi sible wave” vibes, I’m getting “who cares about a metaphor! There are spiders! GET OUT!” vibes.

I’ve seen the Amityville Horror. You don’t have to tell me twice.


And today’s lyric is a classic. Don’t know about this rendition though…

…my disposition depends on you…

I have a naturally sunny disposition.

Yeah, I know. I’m just as surprised as you.

More after the jump…
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I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place.

So the other day I decided that I wanted to buy a McDonald’s apple pie. Not one of those crappy baked ones that have taken over the dessert portion of the menu in stateside McDonald’s…no, Mother England still fries her pies in oil, resulting in the perfect combination of crackly crisp crust and molten lava apple filling. Those pies are one of the best things about life as an expat in Britain. They make up for every boiled vegetable, dry pastry, and unsalted piece of meat I’ve been tricked into eating in this country…almost.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. I wanted an apple pie. So I went into a McDonald’s with a handful of change.. It was a strange time of day, just before the lunch rush, so the place was pretty empty. I walk in. See the display tube of pies, nearly empty. And before I order one, I ask the first employee I see “How long ago were those pies fried?”

You would have thought I’d asked, “How many times did you spit in my hamburger?”

I promise it’s less disgusting after the jump…
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We’re wandering sheep with wandering morals. To wolves teeth we soon might fall.

There’s an article on the blog The Scicurious Brainthat I find really interesting. The piece is entitled Wholesome Food And Wholesome Morals: Does Seeing Organic Make You Act Like A Jerk?

The piece is about a study that has found that people are actually morally meaner and less altruistic after viewing pictures of organic food, whether or not they think that food is desirable. (From here, the jokes just write themselves.) Now, you can extrapolate all kinds of things about self-righteousness and morality from that, as the original researchers did. You can take it a bit farther forward and to the left, like the author of the linked blog and maintain that it may have to do with atoning for the guilt of junk food. OR, you can do like I’m about to do and wonder if it’s just a case of relative grace like so many other things…

After the jump, my people…
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Oh why don’t you call, don’t you care anymore?

Argh. Once again there is so much going on in the world, both my private world and the general world, that I find myself overloaded when it comes to things to blog about. SO I’m taking the cowards way out and doing a quick random list of five today, after the jump… Continue reading →

Throw your soul through every open door, count your blessings to find what you look for…

I am so unimpressed with myself right now. I have ten tons of work to do…a meeting to discuss the first bit of my dissertation, an essay to do some research for, a sadly neglected etsy shop to update, and a recapitulative seminar to revise for tomorrow morning.

But what am I doing? I’m drifting across the internet, visiting Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and WordPress. Ah, WordPress. The place I come to talk about things that don’t matter much to people who don’t know me at all. What would I do without internet therapy?

This was originally going to be one of my typical long, ranty posts full of unnecessary self-disclosure, complaints and platitudinizing but you know what?

I wrote it all out.
I read it.
I read it again.
And I decided that I did not need to be putting all of that temporary misery out there for permanent on the internet. I’ve done my share of that. It’s out of my system. It’s done, It’s gone.

Like I said, what would I do without internet therapy?

Today’s song title/blog title has nothing to do with the topic, but I did want to shout out this kick–ass cover of Adele’s Rolling In the Deep by Swedish band Dirty Loops. Adele, for me, is a big meh in the musical landscape and Rolling the Deep is the meh-iest of all her tunes. Don’t get me wrong–I can see why people love her and that song. I just don’t feel the same way.

This cover by Dirty Loops, does what all the best covers do and makes this song a keeper for me.

With that said, I’ll ask a few questions to end today’s post.

What happens when you realize that you’re doing too much with too little?

What happens when you realize, on the path to becoming a better person, that you also need better people?

Tricky questions, I suppose. Hit the comments if you have any ideas.

Just when I think I’ve got it, it’s gone…

Studying is hard, but then so is everything else.

Last night I was talking with a trusted friend about holding on through the times when it seems like your hard work and sacrifice are never going to pay off. It can be hard, and the truth is that most people don’t bother to do it. It’s very easy to get side tracked or discouraged or just plain old quit.

To be honest, I think that hard work and sacrifice only pay off if you a)have a goal in mind and b) are realistic and focused about what it is you want and how you are going to get it. In other words, count up all the costs and realize that for some things to be done, others will have to remain undone.
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Would you marry me, marry me? 그대와 함께 하고 싶죠…

Yeah, I’m still listening to Korean music. Love this song though…but the dancing in the video?. Um. Well.

Does Sung Hoon have eyes? Or are those glasses covering up bottomless wells of luv? Anybody know?

Okay, so moving on…

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