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Ain’t got nothin’ but the blues…

Eh, meh. You win some, you lose some.

Turns out I’ve lost a tooth, some friends and quite a lot of faith and sanity this year but HEY! Not dead yet. Things can get better, and they will.

One of the things that helps me gain perspective when I’m feeling down is songs like this one…


…make it go away…

Thing the first; Remember the soul singing wannabe whose Blair Witch-style video I posted about back in July? Well, apparently, she’s read my(and several other people’s) blog wondering what her deal is…and her response is…um…interesting…(Warning; extremely bad language…)

Well Alrighty Then.

Thing the second; I haven’t written a blog for quite a while now. There’s a few reasons why.

Number one; I forgot the password and hadn’t bothered e-mailing for a new one yet, figuring that sooner or later, I’d remember the old one. Lo and behold, I did. Unfortunately, it’s later rather than sooner.

Reason number two; I’ve moved, and don’t have internet access where I’m living now.

Reason number three; general malaise. Life is pretty good, I just haven’t been feeling that great. I’ve had an extended case of the blues that occasionally deepens to a nice navy hue that makes it difficult to see past my own nose, never mind the route to the computer.

In any case, I’m sorta back blogging regularly again now. I just don’t have much that’s coherent to say.

Moving on…I’ve been really into strong visual images and ideas lately. While most of my creative energy is expressing in the forms of word and sound lately, I have a deep appreciation for the visual as well. And to me, this music video is one of the best mixtures of the three…