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Would you marry me, marry me? 그대와 함께 하고 싶죠…

Yeah, I’m still listening to Korean music. Love this song though…but the dancing in the video?. Um. Well.

Does Sung Hoon have eyes? Or are those glasses covering up bottomless wells of luv? Anybody know?

Okay, so moving on…

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Für Elise…

So, um, did I say I was going to do another travelogue later that day? What I meant was, later that year. Yeah. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So here’s the deal…I’ve had houseguests, flu, health scares, training for my new job, bad dates, and loads of other excuses to deal with. Also, I’ve got about six drafts of blog posts on subjects other than travel percolating in my dashboard. Also also, I’ve done more traveling and have more travel freewrites than I originally planned for.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to continue doing travelogues as a regular thing but intersperse them with regular posts. Or as regular as I ever get. Anyway…without further ado, Budapest, Hungary.

I don’t want to leave this city. Beautiful blue Danube.

Asian white folks? Goulash. Spicy pork. Grilled shark. South African mathematicians. Franz Lizt. Staged piety.

Für Elise. Postcards. Great metro system. Big bridges.

Trofea. Good tap water. Good wi-fi. Inexpensive. Nationalistic pride. Languages. Too bloody tired to write more…

Today’s title comes from here:

…the famously familar piece written by Beethoven for his Hungarian paramour. (That is, if you ask Hungarians.)

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

For an explanation of why the blog’s been weird lately, click here.

Kaunas, Lithuania…

Oh-my-God-I’m-so-tired! Walked all over! Long train from Vilnius to Kaunas. Meeting Greta in the sunshine with a bag full of cucumbers. Eating cepilinis in the pouring rain. Cepilinis=big dumplings of mince meat and potato dough. Walking to Santaka, the meeting of two rivers…

Disappearing dancers. Hanging laundry in the hostel. Herring and potatoes. Big girl in a bunk. Not enough litas. Too many lats. Noisy streets. Sad people. Tiny pub. Strong dark beer.

Restored churches. Franciscan and Jesuit monks. Slightly easier language. Aciu means thank you, pronounced like a sneeze. Teeny tiny showers. Artsy graffiti. Lots more stuff. But OHMYGODSOTIRED!

Today’s title comes from the classic Gershwin tune Summertime, covered here by famous Lithuanian pop-ska band SKAMP…

And yeah, I know the first rap is in French. I don’t know why, but hey…welcome to Europe.

Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down…

So let’s get the song of the day out of the way first. Not all that related to today’s posting(or is it?), but the chorus lyric has always gotten to me a little bit, and it’s the song that’s playing right now.

So, to briefly recap the last post…my crisis of faith came to a slimy little head a few years ago. I was working–volunteering, really–for a Christian charity, and the “team” that I was working for began to treat me quite shittily, only with a shiny religious veneer, so it all seemed OK. Some bad things happened that mattered enormously to me, but very little to anyone else. I blamed myself, mostly, and after leaving and having even worse things happen, I apparently developed a hateful bitter little core which showed up this week when I said, without thinking, that I hated someone.

I’ve never said that I’ve hated someone. Ideologies, things and The Man all catch it in the neck from me, but generally speaking, I don’t even dislike people, let alone hate.

This worries me, as does the fact that God doesn’t really seem to care very much about all of this and has pretty much left me to my own devices. And all of this has led friends, one in particular, to ask me just how and why it is that I am still a Christian after all of this?

Here’s why, after the jump…

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I-HATE-YOU, so much right now, AAAAAAH! I hate you so much right now!

Yeah, so it’s official. I am a terrible person(personne/사람). A terrible person who is hanging on to my attempts to become trilingual because that may be all that redeems me. Excuse the vocabulary practice, then, please..

So what happened was this. I was speaking to someone on the subject of another person, who happened to be in the first person’s house(maison/). First Person said, “Oh, Other Person is here…didn’t you two have an um, thing?”

I didn’t even think about my response. It just fell out of my mouth. “Yep, I hate her.”

What? What! WHAT!? “I hate her”? I hate her? WTF! I’m me. I don’t hate anybody, except for maybe The Man, and I don’t really even hate him…I just want him to go down because I stuck it to him.

(Cheer if you get my un-necessary and anachronistic 70's blaxploitation reference. Even if you don't, let out a little holler...you'll feel better, I promise.)

Needless to say, me saying that I hated anything, let alone another human being, really disturbed me. I don’t do hate. I don’t even do nasty. I am the original annoying lily-throwingpacifist. I have literally let someone hit me with small noxious projectiles rather than fight back because I believe just that much in passive resistance(or at least, I used to). So how is it, that all of a sudden, I just casually hate folks? And mean it, too?

Well, if you ask some folks, it’s Jesus’ fault. And that brings me, however indirectly, to the topic of today’s post.

The story so far, after the jump…

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On my videophone(can you handle it?)

Yeah, so I’ve got a video blog.


Without love, life is Doris Day at the Apollo…

 I sooooooo want to write about the following things; the idiocy of the general American public who need the Obama “fist bump” explained as being not of terrorist origin; the idiocy of the American lawmaking bodies in blocking anti-global warming legislation; the piglike self-centered short-sightedness that’s become the norm for human interaction; and oh, yeah, the rest of my ranting thoughts on femininity in the current culture.

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Are you ready for me, like I’m ready for you?

This must be the most violently purple template ever created for public use. I realllllllllly need to sort out something better.

So as usual, I have tons on my mind and absolutely no time to really blog about it.  Or even really think about it. Hence the reason I’ve been wandering from place to place in a daze for the last few weeks looking like I need a helmet to travel by stair safely.

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