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Using a lyric here would just be redundant…

So mercycorps has people in China too…

My temp job is pretty intensely boring. Aside from the occasional call asking me to get up from my desk and take a phone to a pilot out of the airplane that he’s currently piloting(seriously), things are pretty dull.

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What if there were no n****s only master teachers? Would Estelle stay woke?

So after some (very un-necessary) thought, I’ve determined that if my personality was a toy, I’d be silly putty. When you first get it, it comes in a hard plastic shell, but if you open the shell, the actual product is soft, squishy, but bounces like rubber. Doesn’t mean the impact doesn’t hurt, btw. The fact that I actually think about things like that is either an indication of depth or narcissism. Heaven help the first person who comments that it’s narcissism. I’ll hit you with my mirror before you can say Vanity Smurf.


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