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Fly away butterfly, 그대여 나비처럼 날아가요…

So I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Korean pop music(musique/음악) anymore because last time it brought a bunch of fan-fic creepers out of the woodwork and I’m not eeeeeeven having that on my blog. Yes, I said not eeeeeeeven. Insert the appropriate neck roll and finger wave along with that eeeeeeeven. So this is a warning…I will be mentioning Korean pop music in this blog, but please no fan-fic creeper comments. They’ll be deleted, and if you leave one anyway, I’ll make cripplingly sarcastic comments about you  in my real life. Okay?

Moving on…

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Everybody thought I was just another dancer…

50 posts, wow.

So on June 16, 2007, I started this blog. Totally a vanity project, and still is. Originally, it was a myspace blog, just for random observations and such.  Myspace began to get a little juvenile, so I moved over here–coincidentally, just in time for me to make a massive intercontinental move, lose the whole world and gain my soul, and further entertain the handful of folks…mostly from the Denver arts scene and the nappturality.com forums…who were at the time following me around the internet.

Now, I mostly use it as a repository for random thoughts here and there…I literally do nothing to promote or publicize this blog, and never have but hey! we have 10,568 views! Thanks, everybody!

Life has changed a lot for me over the past four years…I’ll probably blog about it at length another time. But, in a nutshell…I’ve opened up a shop here. I’ve started studying here. I make music with Delta Buoy. I don’t do the whole happy Christian dogoodnik act anymore. And I’m just as random as I ever was.

Less meandering after the jump…or more, depending on your point of view…

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…you got me insane, get out of my brain…


I don’t actually like it, but this mess is catchy as hell.

Ok. So on my continued quest to learn Korean(Coréenne/한국어) I’ve been exploring new ways to acquire vocabulary and grammar skills naturally in addition to the normal lessons. When learning French fifteen years ago my tactic was to watch lots of Caillou and warp my little teenage heart with Jacques Prévert. Children’s programming works wonders at teaching the basics(colors, shapes, numbers etc.) and poetry gives a framework for how to speak about intangibles. However, for whatever reason, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of children’s programming or poetry easily accessible in Korean(or if there is, I can’t find it).

What there is, is pop music and soap operas.

More after the jump….

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It is I! Captain Vegetable! With my carrots, and my celeryyyyyy…

I woke up with this in my head this morning…

It’s strange, but  I’m starting to think Sesame Street might be responsible for my occasional attempts at veganism.

Anybody remember this one?

Cookie Monster’s dookie rope gives me life.

If they’d just kept churning out classics like these…

…all this Veggie Monster hoopla would have been totally unnecessary. If it ever really happened…not that that’s news anymore.

Peace y’all!

Do you remember the time…?

Holy schnikeys, do you see the size of the cobwebs over by the Barack Obama post? I really need to pay attention to this place more often…

I am having a ridiculously chilled night. It’s been a long, busy day. Everyone else in the house is away. Now I’m home for the night and indulging in the following embarrassing things;

1)An extremely non-nutritious dinner and

2)A Michael Jackson music video marathon.

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What if there were no n****s only master teachers? Would Estelle stay woke?

So after some (very un-necessary) thought, I’ve determined that if my personality was a toy, I’d be silly putty. When you first get it, it comes in a hard plastic shell, but if you open the shell, the actual product is soft, squishy, but bounces like rubber. Doesn’t mean the impact doesn’t hurt, btw. The fact that I actually think about things like that is either an indication of depth or narcissism. Heaven help the first person who comments that it’s narcissism. I’ll hit you with my mirror before you can say Vanity Smurf.


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Me and you, your mama and your cousin too…

~sigh~ I love music. But I must have missed the memo. Apparently it is no longer en vogue to make or use your own beats these days. Seems like every other new hip-hop release is a rehash of something that was previously done…Rhymefest did the whole Thriller tribute thing, Kardinal Offishall just released a whole album of other people’s songs with his voice on them, and the former Floacist Marsha whatshername re-rhymed The Chronic.  The pop world is even getting in on the trend, with Mark Ronson simultaneously pissing off the band that originally did Valerie and providing Amy Winehouse with more income with which to live up to her last name, poor thing

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Who dat be?

So I’ve discovered that I suddenly have real difficulty answering the question “so what is it that you do?”

“I’m a community volunteer.” Totally leaves God out of the equation.

“I’m an artist.” Not really. Not anymore.

“I’m a Christian youth worker.” Gack. While this is probably the most accurate, it’s also the one that I’d be most likely to write off if I met someone else who claimed to do this.

Even better is the question, “so why are you in England?”

“God sent me here.” True, I suppose, but also a bit egocentrically grandiose, and once again, if I met someone else who said that sort of thing, I’d run away screaming and holding my nose. Gack again.

“It seemed like a good place.” Since this is usually accompanied by torrential rains and the massive migration of diarrheaic pigeons,  no-one takes it seriously. Or if they do, they also seriously doubt my sanity.

“I don’t know.” Seems like we have a winner. But now I sound like some life-drifting opportunistic idiot. Not that I don’t *always* sound like that, but still…

Anyway, this is my official new blog.  I’ve decided that I will share my individual perspective on the world by behaving like everybody else does and typing about it on the internet. Go me.  I’ve already been doing so over on myspace, but is it just me or is myspace getting progressively creepier? I can’t remember the first time I got a friend request from someone I *know*.

Actually, wait, yes I can. Liz and Carmen, you two officially rock.

Speaking of rocking, K’Naan doesn’t exactly rock, but he does *rock* my world. My own poor usage of the English language notwithstanding, you should really check out the politically minded Somalian rapper in this video with my favorite emcee, Mos Def. 

It’s called “My God”. Check it out, y’all.