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He tried to intellectualize my blackness to make it easier for his whiteness

So I’m at some internationally themed speed dating/party event, standing around, noshing on the inevitable chicken and beer and scoping out other people’s fashion when…

Random White Guy: Hey!! You’re a foreigner! That’s weird!!

Me: Um…you’re a foreigner too.

RWG: Yeah, but you’re not white!!

Me: Uh…yeah…and…?

RWG: Don’t you just HATE it here?

Me: Uh…no? Why would I…?

RWG: Well, doesn’t the racism REALLY bother you?

Me: Uh…well…I haven’t experienced anything too blatant, I just…

RWG: OH COME ON!!! I have ONE black friend and SHE says that all the Koreans she knows treat her bad because she’s black.

Me: Well, I’ve definitely met some folks who don’t seem to like foreigners but…

RWG: So you mean nobody’s walked up and touched your hair, or told you you’re ugly, or asked you strange questions, or acted like they didn’t wanna be around you, or not wanted to hire you or anything like that?

Me: Yeah…but that all happened with white people in the USA too.

(Long pause…)

RWG:  Well, I’m Canadian.

And THAT, friends, neighbors, and internet stalkers, says more about the state of foreigner race relations in Korea than anything I could make up ever could.


Today’s quote comes from Skunk Anansie’s “Intellectualise My Blackness”. I couldn’t find a video of the band performing it, but I did find this cool video featuring the song and  pics of black woman who made their lives doing what it was they wanted to do despite racism.

P.S. I promise this’ll be the last race based post from me for a while, beautiful people. I think…

We’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe again…

So I’m on the Seoul Subway now. Literally, right now, thanks to the best cell phone reception in the world and a bomb new smartphone.

And this just happened…


Some dude is hustling haaaaard trying to sell these things. I wish my phone took audio along with video because these little spinning toys inexplicably play Axel F…aka the Beverly Hills Cop theme song.

I know others have said this before but isn’t the subway surprisingly clean?


Peace beautiful people!!

I’m every woman…

BAM! Two posts in one day! Heavens to Murgatroyd…

Just another video blog…

I promise y’all, I’m *really* not this damn dumb. Eventually I’ll get the hang of sounding intelligent on camera again.

Talk about! Pop music…pop, pop, pop music…

I just can’t get away from this pop music thing.

These youtube videos, featuring random strangers in big cities being asked what songs they’re listening to, are INCREDIBLY cool to me. My favorites are Singapore:

and my semi-hometown, Denver;

A long, slowly growing list of these videos can be found here.

A few things I noticed:

Big cities are super diverse. DUH, but still…they are. Was not expecting to see so many non-Asian folks in Singapore…or non-Scandinavians  in Stockholm. Hmmm…

Wiz Khalifa and Lady Gaga are, literally, EVERYWHERE. Every single video seems to feature Black and Yellow. That’s kinda unexpected.

English-language pop music blatantly dominates the world market. Even the people who blatantly didn’t speak English were often listening to English language songs. Still, given my recent obsession with kPop, I think it’s telling that 2NE1 popped up a few times too.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Blog title comes from here


Tweedle-leedle-lee, tweedle-deedle-dee…

Five random Tuesday things…

1)Follow me on Twitter! I’m @mamalazarus

2) This makes me happy…

3)I’m burning rose-scented incense right now. It smells so much better than it sounds, but I do miss my sage and sweetgrass right about now…

Two more after the jump…

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Oh, I’m about to go Andre the giant, you a sellout but I ain’t buyin’….

So pop music. It’s kind of like sex…when it’s good you can’t get enough, when it’s bad you want nothing to do with it.

Oh, come on. It can’t be just me who thinks that…?

Backtracking after the hump…er, JUMP…

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…you got me insane, get out of my brain…


I don’t actually like it, but this mess is catchy as hell.

Ok. So on my continued quest to learn Korean(Coréenne/한국어) I’ve been exploring new ways to acquire vocabulary and grammar skills naturally in addition to the normal lessons. When learning French fifteen years ago my tactic was to watch lots of Caillou and warp my little teenage heart with Jacques Prévert. Children’s programming works wonders at teaching the basics(colors, shapes, numbers etc.) and poetry gives a framework for how to speak about intangibles. However, for whatever reason, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of children’s programming or poetry easily accessible in Korean(or if there is, I can’t find it).

What there is, is pop music and soap operas.

More after the jump….

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It is I! Captain Vegetable! With my carrots, and my celeryyyyyy…

I woke up with this in my head this morning…

It’s strange, but  I’m starting to think Sesame Street might be responsible for my occasional attempts at veganism.

Anybody remember this one?

Cookie Monster’s dookie rope gives me life.

If they’d just kept churning out classics like these…

…all this Veggie Monster hoopla would have been totally unnecessary. If it ever really happened…not that that’s news anymore.

Peace y’all!

On my videophone(can you handle it?)

Yeah, so I’ve got a video blog.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No, it is freaking not. And, hey…does Andy Williams sing about ghost stories in verse two? Wrong holiday, homie.

I used to be a Christmas nut. Started playing Burl Ives and Nat King Cole in October, had most of my shopping done by July. Christmas tree up day after Thanksgiving, apple cider on the stove and wreaths on the door by the day after that. Volunteering at shelters and gift-wrap booths, driving everyone I knew nuts dragging them from carolers to church to parties to Santa parades. Actually played Santa to every kid in a three city radius, too. For years, from December 1st to December 26th, I actually wore jingle bells.

Jingle bells, y’all. JINGLE BELLS!

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