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Ask you what your interests are, who you be with? Things to make you smile, what numbers to dial…

Dear men of the world;

Kindly cut the following three things all the way out;

1)Honking at me while you drive by in your car.
What, exactly, is supposed to be my response to that? Am I supposed to step out of my heels and sprint behind your hooptie in gratitude?

2)Offering to put a smile on my face with any object other than a joke.
This happened today. My response, to paraphrase, was to ask if the gentleman in question actually owned one of the objects in question, and if so, did he actual know how to use it in company or only solo?

3)Not bathing.
Seriously, soap is cheap, water is free. And if you don’t use them, you are nasty.

None of the above will get you my phone number. Seriously, what are you even thinking?

I’m not much of a feminist but y’all are for damn sure trying to turn me into one.


P.S.; for today’s song clip, we have the one and only Notorious B.I.G. Say what you will about the way he referred to women in his songs, but at least he knew he had to have actual conversations with us in order to get anywhere.


…follow the leader or make up all the rules–whatever you want, the choice is yours…

So although I tend to post most of my more spiritual writing over here, I’m very aware that more people read this blog than that one. At times like today, when I feel I have something more interesting to say, I’ll post here anyway. Eventually the two roads will diverge in the wilderness, or something like that.

Anyway, lately I’ve been having a lot of wildly contrasting conversations. People are just all very different to each other, and that’s that. The strange thing is, those differences all seem to emerge from the same motivations, ultimately.

On my twitter feed the other day, I posted this:

I’m starting to realize that for a lot of people belief=control. Doesn’t matter what the belief is in.

There were a few responses, but what prompted the tweet was talking to two very different people.

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I-HATE-YOU, so much right now, AAAAAAH! I hate you so much right now!

Yeah, so it’s official. I am a terrible person(personne/사람). A terrible person who is hanging on to my attempts to become trilingual because that may be all that redeems me. Excuse the vocabulary practice, then, please..

So what happened was this. I was speaking to someone on the subject of another person, who happened to be in the first person’s house(maison/). First Person said, “Oh, Other Person is here…didn’t you two have an um, thing?”

I didn’t even think about my response. It just fell out of my mouth. “Yep, I hate her.”

What? What! WHAT!? “I hate her”? I hate her? WTF! I’m me. I don’t hate anybody, except for maybe The Man, and I don’t really even hate him…I just want him to go down because I stuck it to him.

(Cheer if you get my un-necessary and anachronistic 70's blaxploitation reference. Even if you don't, let out a little holler...you'll feel better, I promise.)

Needless to say, me saying that I hated anything, let alone another human being, really disturbed me. I don’t do hate. I don’t even do nasty. I am the original annoying lily-throwingpacifist. I have literally let someone hit me with small noxious projectiles rather than fight back because I believe just that much in passive resistance(or at least, I used to). So how is it, that all of a sudden, I just casually hate folks? And mean it, too?

Well, if you ask some folks, it’s Jesus’ fault. And that brings me, however indirectly, to the topic of today’s post.

The story so far, after the jump…

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I’m every woman…

BAM! Two posts in one day! Heavens to Murgatroyd…

Just another video blog…

I promise y’all, I’m *really* not this damn dumb. Eventually I’ll get the hang of sounding intelligent on camera again.

…you got me insane, get out of my brain…


I don’t actually like it, but this mess is catchy as hell.

Ok. So on my continued quest to learn Korean(Coréenne/한국어) I’ve been exploring new ways to acquire vocabulary and grammar skills naturally in addition to the normal lessons. When learning French fifteen years ago my tactic was to watch lots of Caillou and warp my little teenage heart with Jacques Prévert. Children’s programming works wonders at teaching the basics(colors, shapes, numbers etc.) and poetry gives a framework for how to speak about intangibles. However, for whatever reason, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of children’s programming or poetry easily accessible in Korean(or if there is, I can’t find it).

What there is, is pop music and soap operas.

More after the jump….

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Lord of light, Lord of love…

So a few quickies…

–First, a retraction/correction of sorts concerning this post. Two days ago, I was in nearly the exact same situation, and the lady I gave my seat up to not only said a hearty and heartfelt thank you, she started a conversation with me afterwards. So I’m willing to chalk the whole “ungrateful heffa” thing up to personality differences. Geez, how do sociologists and anthropologists and psychologists do it?

More rambles after the jump…

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They call me Hell, they call me Stacy, they call me her, they call me Jane…

So a few days ago, I read about this, in the Guardian. Basically,  Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made some  offensive, sexually explicit phone calls to Andrew Sachs concerning his granddaughter as part of a late night prank call radio show. (All three of those names belong to UK-famous entertainers, for those of you reading this from elsewhere.) The BBC has had to make apologies, Ross and Brand have been suspended, and there’s been all kinds of media brouhaha about it. Sach’s granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, has actually requested the pair be fired and is considering making a complaint to the police. I peeped at the transcript of the phone call and it is hideously disrespectful. I’m actually confused as to why anyone thought this would be funny in the first place.

I bring all that up to say, despite all, am I the only one who thinks the following quote, from todays news story about the grand-daughter’s point of view, is absolutely hilarious?

“Baillie, who has just returned from Vienna where she was performing with dance troupe the Satanic Sluts, said Brand and Ross were “beyond contempt” and that broadcasting the interview showed “an appalling lack of judgment”.”

Just thought I’d point that out.

Sista girl, I know you don’t understand, but you gon’ HAVE to understand…

I think I need to decide on exactly ONE subject area to blog about and stick to it. Right now everytime I try to write something my fingertips stage a first class word freakout. The ideas come, but not in any sort of organized or helpful fashion–I’m sitting here right now thinking politics-no wait-ART-no wait-muSIc-but how about them Lakers(or Man U?)-and let’s not forget-narcissistic ruminations on me and what I think–Aaaaah! Can’t-put-all-ideas-down-coherently! Mayday, mayday! Danger, danger Will Robinson! Nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about anymore! Give us freeeeeeee!

Yeah, I definitely need to pick just one subject.

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