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Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Can you pay my automo-bills?

So one of the 500 reasons I had for coming to Korea was to fast-track my way into a little bit of financial security after the free Jesus for everyone! experiment.  I don’t make a ginormous amount of money here–in fact, salary-wise, I’m still way behind the curve of where I wanted to be at this age–but the cost of living is inexpensive and there are a lot of perks associated with being a foreign word slinger for hire.

Now, please understand–I  used to be BROKE.  So broke I opened e-mail accounts just for the spam. So broke that I considered getting married for the rice. So broke I used to read recipes for dinner.

I used to be so broke, that a bum once gave ME a dollar for food.

I wish that last one was a joke, but it’s true. I gave it back to him. Chicago has some remarkably sensitive and kind homeless people.

Anyway, my point is that I have been SO poor for SO long that ANY money seems like a whole lot. Now that I’m actually making grown person money again, I vacillate between spending way too much of it on silly things(like way too many shoes) just because I can and being scared to death to spend any of it because I am just not used to being not-poor. I can’t get used to the idea that there is more money coming next month and it’s a consistent amount!  I’ve been living on noodles and coffee all month because I knew I wanted to go out on two consecutive weekends and also because I haven’t received my bills for the month yet and wasn’t sure how much they’d be.

I just got those bills. Gas and electricity–about $53. Cable and internet–$38. Phone–$106. (Okay, THAT one’s ridiculous but I figured I could afford a splurge upfront. It goes down by $30 in two months when I’ve paid for my phone.)

Let me reiterate.

Gas and electric–which cost upwards of $70 EACH in the US and UK if you live like a Luddite and wear thermals everywhere…was a total of $53.

Cable and internet–which I could never really afford in the US or UK so I have no idea how much they cost, just that it was out of my budget–$38.

Phone–okay, my phone is a terrible deal. But considering how inexpensive everything else is…I think I can afford it.

I didn’t mention rent simply because I don’t pay it. My job does. Or transportation, because I only pay it on special occasions–I live pretty much within walking distance of everything in my town. Even so, the hour long journey into the heart of Seoul only costs aboout $1.75.

I feel like I hit the poverty-recovery jackpot here.

I have student loans and a credit card bill to pay in the US, of course. But I don’t think I’ll have any problems doing that, do you?

For today’s quote, I’m sure you know the song…

Peace, beautiful people!


Throw your soul through every open door, count your blessings to find what you look for…

I am so unimpressed with myself right now. I have ten tons of work to do…a meeting to discuss the first bit of my dissertation, an essay to do some research for, a sadly neglected etsy shop to update, and a recapitulative seminar to revise for tomorrow morning.

But what am I doing? I’m drifting across the internet, visiting Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and WordPress. Ah, WordPress. The place I come to talk about things that don’t matter much to people who don’t know me at all. What would I do without internet therapy?

This was originally going to be one of my typical long, ranty posts full of unnecessary self-disclosure, complaints and platitudinizing but you know what?

I wrote it all out.
I read it.
I read it again.
And I decided that I did not need to be putting all of that temporary misery out there for permanent on the internet. I’ve done my share of that. It’s out of my system. It’s done, It’s gone.

Like I said, what would I do without internet therapy?

Today’s song title/blog title has nothing to do with the topic, but I did want to shout out this kick–ass cover of Adele’s Rolling In the Deep by Swedish band Dirty Loops. Adele, for me, is a big meh in the musical landscape and Rolling the Deep is the meh-iest of all her tunes. Don’t get me wrong–I can see why people love her and that song. I just don’t feel the same way.

This cover by Dirty Loops, does what all the best covers do and makes this song a keeper for me.

With that said, I’ll ask a few questions to end today’s post.

What happens when you realize that you’re doing too much with too little?

What happens when you realize, on the path to becoming a better person, that you also need better people?

Tricky questions, I suppose. Hit the comments if you have any ideas.

Sista girl, I know you don’t understand, but you gon’ HAVE to understand…

I think I need to decide on exactly ONE subject area to blog about and stick to it. Right now everytime I try to write something my fingertips stage a first class word freakout. The ideas come, but not in any sort of organized or helpful fashion–I’m sitting here right now thinking politics-no wait-ART-no wait-muSIc-but how about them Lakers(or Man U?)-and let’s not forget-narcissistic ruminations on me and what I think–Aaaaah! Can’t-put-all-ideas-down-coherently! Mayday, mayday! Danger, danger Will Robinson! Nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about anymore! Give us freeeeeeee!

Yeah, I definitely need to pick just one subject.

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