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What I’ve got you got to give it to your momma, what I’ve got you’ve got to give it to your poppa…

Another quickie for today because, well, it’s just been that kind of life lately.

It occurs to me that most art is simply the act of finding something so beautiful/powerful/transcendent/important within yourself you have no choice but to share it with the rest of the world, and in doing so, transform a bit of it. Like I said in a song once, it’s loving what you have so much you have to give it all away.

And some art is simply the act of filling your own world so thoroughly with the products of your own imagination that it starts to leak out onto unsuspecting passers-by.

It really gets interesting when the two collide.

Peace, beautiful people.

P.S. NONE of what I wrote up there explains why on earth I thought this was the epitome of genius for five minutes when I was 16.


Skinny jeans so tight look like leggings…

I don’t have time to do a proper blog right now but I do have 3 quick thoughts to share.

!)There is no time, ever, when a grown person should be sitting somewhere with their jeans around their ankles in a public restroom thinking “Dear God. How am I going to get them back UP again?”

2)Also, not being able to feel your legs from the knee down just because you stood up too quick shouldn’t be a fashion statement.

3)Lycra is a good, good friend.

So glad that the skinny jeans trend is going away.

Speaking of trends…remember jerkin’? Didn’t last too long, but for some reason this jerk track popped into my head today…

Oh why don’t you call, don’t you care anymore?

Argh. Once again there is so much going on in the world, both my private world and the general world, that I find myself overloaded when it comes to things to blog about. SO I’m taking the cowards way out and doing a quick random list of five today, after the jump… Continue reading →

I can fly, I can bend metal with my mind, OH! We got that magic…

A random Monday thought;

So among other things, I’m really into sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Movies, television, and especially books. I like fairy tales–I’m one of the those people who believes that stories shed light on the deeper issues of humanity.

I find it VERY interesting that fantasy fiction, pre-1980, often features magic of a mechanical nature.

Magic in fantasy post-1980 often involves manipulating emotion and social situations.

Consider this; these are modern fairy tales.  And just as a society projects its ills into its fairy tale monsters, it projects its needs into its fairy tale magic.

There’s been a definite shift, then, from the perceived need for mechanical improvement to a perceived need for character improvement. I know I’m always harping on this sort of thing, but hey. It’s interesting.

Today’s blog title courtesy of Robin Thicke. 

Tweedle-leedle-lee, tweedle-deedle-dee…

Five random Tuesday things…

1)Follow me on Twitter! I’m @mamalazarus

2) This makes me happy…

3)I’m burning rose-scented incense right now. It smells so much better than it sounds, but I do miss my sage and sweetgrass right about now…

Two more after the jump…

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Who dat is? My baby daddy, that’s just my baby daddy…

So wow, did I ever have a wild weekend. With the intention of meeting up with lots and lots of old friends, I went from church to the Cinco De Mayo festival downtown to the Denver Art Museum to Mad Greens to a very gay bar to a slightly less gay bar to my favorite jazz club into an extremely unfruitful midnight search for brownies to the shower at my grandma’s house to a different church to Popeye’s Chicken to an extremely awkward family gathering.

It was very weird.

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